Therapeutic Yoga and other Easy Exercise

by Mary on September 26, 2016

Pebble mosaic at Winthrop Physical Therapy

Pebble mosaic at Winthrop Physical Therapy

I’m certainly not feeling very fit these days for the author of a blog named Fit and Fed. But there are still some things I can do as I work through my back injury.

Last month my husband and I visited Winthrop, WA., for our anniversary. A lot of the things we’d normally  do like hike or paddle were not going to work for me, but the outdoor pool at Sun Mountain Lodge was wonderful. First thing I did when we got out of our car was to swim under the dark sky streaked across by the Milky Way. It felt so good to move freely in the water after all that time in the car. And it was the first time I’ve seen stars from a pool, let alone so many. Read the article →

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Chocolate Banana Nutella Smoothie

September 19, 2016 All Year

Chocolate Banana Nutella smoothie

Chocolate and hazelnuts add Nutella flavor to this healthy smoothie.

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Spectating and Waiting: ISU Vancouver

September 9, 2016 Figure skating

Kathleen Parker on her way to a bronze medal in Bronze Ladies III

Report from the Vancouver ISU competition, and looking forward to Skate America this October. Progress report on my back injury.

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A Reluctant Swimmer

August 20, 2016 Fitness

Gold's Gym salt-purified pool

Dipping my feet in, so to speak.

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Physical Therapy Catastrophe

August 8, 2016 Figure skating

The horribly ironic end to my PT, and the beginning of a new round: a bad disc injury.

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Fig-Fennel-Pistachio Energy Bites

June 30, 2016 All Year

fig fennel pistachio energy bites

Fig-fennel pistachio energy bites.

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Skating Changes

June 23, 2016 Figure skating

Kim, Mary, Ty

Recent changes in my skating life.

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Team Challenge Cup Red Carpet

June 4, 2016 Figure skating

Being a fan girl with Jason Brown

Red Carpet event for the skaters, press, and local skating clubs at the Team Challenge Cup in Spokane, April 2016.

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Spokane 2010 US Nationals Memories

April 21, 2016 Figure skating

Ryan Bradley receiving standing ovation for his Mozart program,  2010 Nationals

Spokane figure skating events- Remembering the 2010 US Nationals and looking ahead to the Team Challenge Cup.

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Baked Steelhead

April 10, 2016 All Year

Baked Steelhead

An easy recipe for baked steelhead trout.

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