Coins for Cares Avatar Program

by Mary on July 31, 2019

I haven’t blogged much this year but I have been skating! Coach Gary helped me brainstorm a new dramatic showcase program. For music I was considering a beautiful Enya song used in Lord of the Rings or orchestral music from ‘Avatar.’ Gary suggested the song “I See You” from Avatar which he’d remembered loving when one of his skaters used it years ago. I liked it and took his suggestion.

In April we spent several days together and he helped me finalize the cut of the music (with my husband emailing us several drafts) and set the program. I visited again two weeks ago and we fine-tuned it. Both times we had a lot of fun working together.

Friday I skated at Coins for Cares, an event to benefit the Scott Hamilton Foundation. Read the article →


Pacific Coast Sectionals 2019

April 29, 2019 Figure skating

Skating at Pacific Coast Sectionals 2019.

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Back and Going to Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals

February 27, 2019 Figure skating

Back on the ice and getting ready for Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals and the Monument Ice Academy Camp.

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Pan-fried Dover Sole

February 25, 2019 All Year

I expanded my fish cooking skills by pan-frying Dover sole with Dijon mustard and lemon or Key lime juice.

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Pan-seared Salmon with Simple Greek Yogurt Green Goddess Sauce

February 13, 2019 Gluten free

Learning some new techniques for cooking salmon from Becky Selengut’s revised Good Fish cookbook.

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A Bit of Ice Dance

February 3, 2019 Figure skating

Ice dancer Oleg Altukhov’s time in the Northwest. My chance to get a few lessons with him.

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‘Believe’ Holiday Program

December 14, 2018 Figure skating

My holiday figure skating program

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Valley of the Sun Adult Skating Camp: Passed Juvenile Moves

November 25, 2018 Figure skating

Passed my juvenile moves in the field test at the Valley of the Sun Adult Skating Camp.

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My First Pairs Lesson

September 27, 2018 Figure skating

My first, and only so far, pairs lesson with coach Gary.

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Back and Making Plans

August 24, 2018 Figure skating

Back on the ice and once again preparing for a juvenile moves test.

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